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Ms Foo Soo Yee

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EconsLab? Get to know us

EconsLab is a premier JC A-Level Economics tuition centre in Singapore founded by Ms Foo Soo Yee, an experienced professional lady Economics tutor. We provide group and individual Econs tuition classes for both A-Level and IB students.

We aim to help our students excel in the subject of Economics by:

  • Laying a strong foundation by mastering the key fundamental concepts in Economics
  • Developing analytical skills necessary to solve challenging questions in exams
  • Stimulating interest in Economics so that learning becomes fun and effortless

Ms Foo Soo Yee

Principal Tutor

Ms Foo did her undergraduate training in the National University of Singapore where she graduated with a Degree in Economics (Merit). She did Microeconomics and Macroeconomics amongst other Economics modules and scored distinction. Ms Foo continues to be passionate about Economics upon graduation and hence decided to focus on tutoring junior college students who needed help in Economics.

  • Over the years, Ms Foo has honed her reputation as an outstanding tutor with a consistent ability to produce numerous students with excellent GCE ‘A’ level results in Economics year after year.
  • Her track record is even more remarkable considering that many students who first joined her classes obtained either a U, S or E grade for their latest Common Test or Promotional Test in school.
  • After Ms Foo’s guidance, marked improvement can be seen progressively leading to the ‘A’ level exam where 80% of her students secure their targeted A or B grades.

Reasons To Choose EconsLab

Why has Ms Foo Soo Yee been able to instill in her students the passion for Economics and help them to excel in the subject when they first approached her with poor academic grades? The secret lies in Ms Foo’s strategic teaching methodology.

There are numerous tuition centres in Singapore offering tuition services in Economics, and choosing a suitable tuition service to meet your specific needs can be challenging. The following are our competitive advantages – factors that differentiate EconsLab from the competition.

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