Tang Ya Yun (Nanyang Junior College)

Ms Foo is a passionate, knowledgeable and interactive tutor. During lessons, she teaches us not only the content but also exam strategies. I particularly appreciate her ‘Timed Essay Planning’ technique which taught us to think of points quickly every lesson under time constraints, after which she would go through the question. Her ‘Invisible Component for 25-mark questions’ was also very useful although not explicitly taught in my school.

She also often prepares newspaper cuttings featuring current, relevant economic issues that we can include in our essays and patiently explains the important parts of the articles. She is also concerned with our academic and non-academic progress and is always glad to offer help. She will help us to view our tests or examination scripts, writing additional comments to ensure that we fully understand and not repeat our mistakes.

Despite doing badly in my H2 Economics Preliminary Examination, I managed to score the highly-coveted ‘A’ at the 2011 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. Thank you Ms Foo! 

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