Sharlyn Bay (St Andrews Junior College)

I joined Ms Foo in October 2011 after scoring an S for my Prelims. Being a kiasu Singaporean, I attended both her individual and group tuition classes. Ms Foo approaches both of them differently, and is always willing to cater to the needs of her students. She is able to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of each student, enabling them to study more efficiently. I managed to clinch a B in A Levels!

She is always open to ideas from her students and gives them the freedom to decide on what they want to do during lessons. This flexibility makes it a lot easier for students to have a more focused discussion and helps them cope with their tight schedules.

An apt analogy to describe Ms Foo would be to compare her to a song on the radio being put on replay. She repeats her points often to make sure that her students remember to make a conscious effort to put their knowledge to good use. She even labels herself as being “naggy”! Personally, I feel that this attribute is what makes her a good tutor. Before we know it, we know our content and techniques by heart as they are etched, subconsciously, into our minds. If she is a song on the radio, then the lyrics to the songs would be the content that we know by heart. This method of reiterating is certainly effective as students need lesser effort on their part to physically plough through all their notes to memorise the content. But this doesn’t make her students any lazier and more complacent than others!

Besides knowing the subject at her fingertips, she often provides recent examples, statistics and newspaper cuttings as aids to our learning.

This journey alongside Ms Foo was certainly a rewarding one which I believe that most Economics tutors in schools fail to provide adequately.

TestimonialKC Eng