Gabriel Tan Jie Liang (Temasek Junior College)

I remember joining class only in my second year. Truthfully, I felt I was struggling to escape the chasm of misunderstandings for Economics. Not blaming my JC tutor to be not helpful, but rather, I felt I needed a tutor who was straightforward yet knowledgeable to know when to take useful shortcuts.

Ms Foo’s teaching undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. Personally, I had high expectations since JC1 to do well, partly because it was something I want to pursue in future. Her teaching underscores effective learning. Through key phrases, ‘linking up the dots’ and encouraging me to hold an open view when learning Economics, understanding and applying concepts became a smoother process in school (especially with my teacher who greatly focuses on real-world example learning which are often riddles with complex theories).

Ms Foo also emphasised the importance of cogent and technical writing while avoiding the ‘GP style’ altogether. In brushing up my GP simultaneously, I was conflicted as to what was considered cogent/concise in Economics. But with her patience and helpful nagging and ever willingness to mark extra essays amidst her concomitant studies, she had successfully instilled in me cogent writing in the Economics way so as to bring out the key points fast, completely and orderly.

Nonetheless, her relentless drive to review weaker topics, sometimes on a one-to-one basis on SMS, and unfailing encouragement had indeed made me appreciate and study Economics more effectively and enthusiastically to secure an A at the A Levels examination!

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Ng Wen Xin (Hwa Chong Institution)

I had always been a ‘straight U’ student for Economics in my Year 1 in JC. I started tuition with Ms Foo in the beginning of Year 2 and that was when I developed a brand new perspective of the subject.

Ms Foo was really patient in clarifying my doubts and enquiries with Economics, often giving us helpful tips in answering the different types of questions posed to us. Even though I was reluctant to open up during lessons, her passion and enthusiasm in teaching Economics gave me the confidence to raise my opinions during lesson time, and made me realise that my contribution to the class can help me internalise my concepts better. Her explanations are also very clear, and she would incorporate real life examples in her teaching and link them to the concepts in the syllabus to help us understand better.

Despite busy teaching other students, Ms Foo is always dedicated in ensuring that her students know where their mistakes lies. It is routine for us to submit our school examination scripts to her so that she could scrutinize them and advise us on areas of improvement on answering the question by penning down her thoughts on post-it notes and attaching them to our scripts. She welcomes additional practice exercises from her students and is very efficient in vetting through the dozens of scripts being submitted to her. A dedicated tutor, Ms Foo offers a 24-hour Whatsapp service where students can pose questions to her over instant messaging to clarify her students’ doubts.

Nearing the A Levels period, Ms Foo also took time off her busy schedule to write personalized cards for each of her student to give them a last boost of morale and confidence before they face their papers. Though it may seem like a small gesture, but I am sure that it touched the hearts of every single one of her students and gave them the encouragement to do their best for Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo! I wouldn’t have achieved an ‘A’ for Economics for my A Levels without you! I owe my success to you and I’m really glad I didn’t disappoint you after all! :)

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Jade Tan (Raffles Institution)

Thank you Ms Foo for your patient guidance! I got an A for Economics!

Before attending Ms Foo’s lessons, I was clueless as to how to properly approach economics essay questions. It was through her lessons that I learnt to apply basic concepts to real life economics, and found that economics questions much less intimidating! Ms Foo is a very patient and optimistic person, and her lessons never fail to inspire me to want to study harder for economics. I have learnt from her not just to expect more from myself but also to never stop learning.

Thank you for the times you showed concern for me, and for always encouraging me even though I took a while to get better at Economics! All the best in all your endeavours, and hope to meet again soon.

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Sandra Tan (Raffles Institution)

I started attending Ms Foo’s classes before even starting JC1 as my friend was looking for a buddy to start a group tuition class. Back then, I wasn’t sure of attending tuition and felt that it was a waste of time. However, Ms Foo’s clear explanations of every idea in the topics really grounded my concepts in Economics. When Economics lectures in school first started, most of my friends were lost as the lecturer sped through the topics within the short one-hour slot, whereas I could grasp all the concepts taught. I began to appreciate Ms Foo’s slower-paced classes, with the flexibility of allowing us to clarify our doubts by asking questions which she would patiently answer. It was through these classes that I built a strong conceptual foundation in Economics that most of my peers lacked.

Moreover, Ms Foo would always provide us with ample opportunities for practice, printing many questions for us to try and forcing us to come up with points within a few minutes. It was through these practices that I learnt to think on the spot and craft my essay structure quickly. By going through the essay or case study immediately, Ms Foo would fine-tune our points and hence develop our answering techniques. Such exam skills would not have been taught in a school tutorial setting.

Finally, Ms Foo would constantly encourage us during lessons. She would push us to aim higher and kept telling us she believed we could do it. While most of my peers were feeling frustrated and worried over Economics, I felt more confident with Ms Foo’s encouragement, together with the concepts and skills built. Eventually, I managed to score an ‘A’ for A Levels exam.

Thank you, Ms Foo!

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Jessica Teck (Private Candidate, 2013)

I was from Hwa Chong Institution but I wasn’t from the Arts stream, I was doing Science. I decided to take up H2 Economics to see what major I would like in university.

I had my Hwa Chung mates’ notes but literally zero experience in Economics. I don’t know what lectures were like and I didn’t attend any Economics-related things in Hwa Chong.

I started studying Economics under Ms Foo in August 2013 for about twelve or so lessons and in three months, I went from nothing to an ‘A’ grade for H2 Economics in the A Levels exam.

The first lesson I was sitting like a stunned duck because honestly I only started mugging after August, and reading the notes is not the same as applying Ms Foo’s analytical mind to questions and using Economic theory (not General Paper structure) to the question. She was the one who taught me how to structure my essays and not ‘jump the gun’ and through her I learnt not just to evaluate scenarios well, I also learnt how to use the most concise phrases for an ‘A’. She will also tell you what you need to do in graphs etc.

She is also really caring (thank you for saving the ice tea for me multiple times haha) and a very genuine person.

Good luck and all the best for Ms Foo!

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Wu Di Yuan (Nanyang Junior College)

Ms Foo has helped me to build up my Economics knowledge from scratch. I didn’t have strong language ability nor do I study very hard every single day to catch up on my content knowledge. I merely go to tuition once a week on a Sunday morning and read through the Economics notes on the same Sunday afternoon. And, reflect on the mistakes Ms Foo had pinpointed out in class.

I started tuition in JC2 (I didn’t know anything about Economics at that point of time) and marched all the way to A Levels in November! Sacrificed a Sunday morning and afternoon with some consistency, an ‘A’ grade is guaranteed!

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Quek Yan Ching (Nanyang Junior College)

Hi Ms Foo!

How have you been? Time really flies; it has been 5 months after A Levels. I really enjoy all the lessons with you and of course with my fellow tuition mates too. Lessons were always interesting and you never fail to entertain us with anecdotes.

You’re always so patient with us. You teach at a comfortable pace and make sure that we know our concepts well before moving on to the next chapter. (Schools usually “chiong” through the syllabus oh man what’s new). Whenever we have doubts, you address them immediately so that we won’t be confused.

Countless times when I had panic attacks before my Economics exam, you were there to encourage and motivate. You gave me the confidence booster before every major exams and I will never forget the valuable tips that you have given regarding writing of essays and being exam-smart. 

Thank you for everything you have done. It was a pleasure to be your student and I appreciate everything that you have done for us (short messages to motivate us before the exam and preparing many case studies, essays and newspaper articles to familiarise us with the different styles of questioning). I’ll visit whenever I can!

Love you Ms Foo! “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher (Ms Foo) inspires.”

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Shermain Chin (River Valley High School)

Ms Foo has been a fantastic Economics tutor. She possesses various qualities of an excellent teacher, such as her patience, understanding, encouraging nature and bubbly personality, making it easy to talk to her. Ms Foo is clear in her explanations, and she readily breaks down and explains Economics concepts clearly and concisely.

Ms Foo takes the extra effort to understand my strengths and weaknesses, tapping upon this knowledge to address my difficulties encountered, while aligning the lessons according to my needs. For example, being weaker in Micro Economics, Ms Foo places greater focus on it, ensuring that I do attempt Micro Economics essay questions rather than simply tackling Macro Economics (I eventually attempted the Micro essay in the A Levels exam!)

I have gained much from Ms Foo’s lessons. Ms Foo’s dedication to teach and help me improve is evident, from her teaching on its own, and reflected in the significant improvement of my Economics grades. From my constant struggle with Economics – scoring straight ‘U’s and not understanding it while also detesting this subject, I became an ‘A’ student the first term Ms Foo started teaching me. I have since understood many concepts I found foreign, scoring an ‘A’ for my Economics A Levels, and Economics eventually becoming my favourite subject in school.

Under Ms Foo’s unwavering guidance and support, I have improved leaps and bounds in Economics and have come to appreciate Economics and its relevance in the real world.

I am thankful for having met Ms Foo who is such a motivating and nurturing teacher. Thank you, Ms Foo! Thank you for all your help, effort and time! :)

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Wan Zhi Qing (Nanyang Junior College)

Without trying to sound too much like a typical advertisement for good tuition teachers like so many tuition centres do with their flyers and handouts, I can honestly say (without any doubt) that Ms Foo is indeed a great Economics tutor!

Having scored ‘U’s for this subject in JC1, a friend finally suggested that I go for tuition and introduced Ms Foo to me. Initially, I had only agreed so that my parents wouldn’t worry too much about me not putting enough effort into my studies. I didn’t believe that tuition would help improve my grades as I was simply unable to grasp the mechanics of this subject.

However, I was proven wrong when I saw that Ms Foo was more than adequate in explaining the various policies to me. A 1.5 hour tuition session with her had cleared most of the doubts and misconceptions I had been having for months. I eventually managed to scrape an ‘E’ for my Promos. Ms Foo had bolstered my confidence so much that I opted to take H2 Economics instead of H1, like before, when I decided to repeat my JC2 year.

My progress in Economics has been a difficult one, but it is a fact that I never would have scored an ‘A’ in the ‘A’ Levels exam if Ms Foo hadn’t been there to encourage and reassure me that I would definitely excel. Her confidence in her students is very heartening and I believe that is what makes an excellent teacher.

The path to getting an ‘A’ is not an easy one and it’s impossible to achieve overnight results. Most of the effort has to come from the student, but Ms Foo makes the journey so much easier with the amount of care and concern she has for all of her students, not to mention her expertise in Economics itself. :)

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Ethanyn Lim (Hwa Chong Institution)

When I first started JC1 life, I found that although I could understand the Economics concepts, when it came to writing essays I just couldn’t perform well. I decided to join EconsLab and Ms Foo really helped my Economics grade improve slowly but surely, through many weeks of going through concepts and practice questions. From Us in JC1 and early JC2 to S, and finally E in Prelims, my grades were not stellar. My school Economics tutor paled in comparison to Ms Foo’s explanation and way of teaching, and I believe that it is thanks to her help that during the ‘A’ levels exam I was able to pull up my dismal grades to an A! I was amazed at my grades when I finally received them and I am really grateful to Ms Foo for all her help and guidance!

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Valerie (Temasek Junior College)

I started tuition with Ms Foo at the end of my JC1 year, after I scored an ‘S’ for my Promotional exams. Being from the Arts Stream, I constantly struggled with Economics and had never gotten past an ‘E’ grade in my first year at JC.

Being frustrated and worried, I decided to join Ms Foo’s tuition class. Ms Foo was extremely patient and optimistic with all of her students and consistently encouraged us to never give up hope and to keep trying. Her bubbly personality and optimistic attitude greatly inspired me, and I eventually began to like Economics. My grades started to improve greatly and even my school Economics tutor was impressed with me. I like how Ms Foo can explain and teach Economics in such a simple way. She is very thorough in her guidance, as seen in the systematic way she taught us. She would always go through the basics with us to ensure that we truly understood the chapters, then teach us essay skills and practice with us. She would even cut out newspaper articles for us to use in our essays as real world examples.

I eventually scored a ‘B’ at my ‘A’ Levels. Although it was not the grade that I had hoped for, I am still grateful to Ms Foo. If it were not for her guidance and continuous encouragement, I would have given up a long time ago and done a lot worse for my A levels. Thanks for being such a great help and inspiration to me throughout this journey! I am currently thinking of applying to Economics at university. Thanks once again for making Economics so fun and thank you for your SMSes of encouragement. I’m very glad that I was able to attend your tuition lessons and I’ll definitely recommend you to students around. :)

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Mrs Veronica Lim (Mother of Benjamin Lim)

Just wanted to express my thanks for guiding Benjamin in his Economics. In the short 6 months or so that he was with you, his results exceeded all our hopes.

We were very delighted when he got his results on 1 March 2013 – from having had his paper ungraded (U) to achieving an A – this was beyond all our expectations!

Thank you once again!

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Noreen Ng (Hwa Chong Institution)

It has always been a pleasure to be taught by Ms Foo because of her undying patience to impart her Economics knowledge to us. 

Her attentiveness towards us students especially in a small group setting makes us feel more comfortable to ask more intellectual (and sometimes lame) questions.

Thank you Ms Foo for your teaching and encouragement for the past two years! I got an A in the final exam! 

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