Economics Tuition Schedule 2019

There are various tuition options available that cater to students with different learning needs. Once you have decided on the tuition type, please contact Ms Foo by completing the electronic form below with your enquires such as class timings etc and Ms Foo will assist you from there based on the availability of slots. Otherwise, you may call call Ms Foo directly for the schedule.

Please note that the fees are payable at the start of each month and settled on a monthly basis. Fees is inclusive of all materials and there is no hidden cost. 

  • The stated fees are only applicable for lessons conducted at the premise of EconsLab.

  • For lessons held at the student's residence, an additional transport fee of $160 per month will be levied.

  • Students who enroll together in group tuition with one or more friends will enjoy a one-time discount of $20 off the tuition fees for the first full tuition month.

  • Existing students who refer friends to join any tuition option will receive a complimentary Popular gift voucher worth $20 for each referral.


Normal Group

  • $360 for 4 sessions 2hrs

  • Class size limited to a maximum of 12 students

  • A cost-effective solution to improve your mastery of Economics

Small Group

  • $440 for 4 sessions 1.5hr / $600 for 4 sessions of 2hr

  • Class size limited to 3 to 4 students

  • Students may form a small group with their friends to enhance peer learning



  • $520 for 4 sessions 1.5hr / $680 for 4 sessions 2hr.

  • Class size of 2 students

  • Students may form their own twin group with more attention to each student given a smaller class size


  • $720 for 4 sessions of 1.5hr / $880 for 4 sessions of 2hr

  • There is option of 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs per lesson for individual tuition

  • For weak students requiring more individual attention, or accomplished students wishing to take their Economics proficiency to the next level



Flexible Lessons Timings

We understand that students’ needs vary. To find out more about individual tuition dates or to join one of our existing group tuition classes, please contact Ms Foo for further information. 



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