Economics Tuition Testimonials

Ms Foo is truly an inspirational Economics tutor! She has the ability to make the concepts seem weightless. Usually, we get baffled by how the theories link or how we explain this in an essay. Attending Ms Foo’s tuition made these worries seem pointless.

Ms Foo explains Economics in a layman manner such that I, a clueless JC2 student with a U grade in July 2010, managed to clinch an A for my ‘A’ Levels! After attending the group tuition classes, I was desperate for 1-to-1 sessions but our time did not allow that. As such, I wrote essays when I could and sought Ms Foo’s assistance in marking. Despite her packed schedule, Ms Foo voluntarily took extra time and effort to mark my essays with full details.

Honestly, I wish I started attending Ms Foo’s tuition since JC1 as I would not have to struggle towards the end. Nevertheless, the final lap was made smoother with Ms Foo’s invaluable explanations, awesome notes and enthusiasm!

ShubaaAnderson Junior College

Since JC1, I have been constantly achieving either a ‘S’ or ‘U’ grade for Economics. Despite an ‘E’ during my promotional examination, I still felt discouraged whenever I studied Economics.

However, when I entered EconsLab to be taught by Ms Foo, I began to learn Economics concepts at a much more interesting and easier level. It is definitely unlike the boring lectures we had in school. Moreover, apart from all the theoretical knowledge which we could derive from the textbook or lecture notes, Ms Foo also provided us with articles and many other relevant notes to aid us in learning Economics in the real world.

Although Economics may seem to be a difficult subject for me, the constant encouragement from Ms Foo had undoubtedly driven me to continue studying hard for it. I am very sure that many of the students who learnt under Ms Foo benefited from her great pool of knowledge as well as application of Economics terms in examinations.

Thank you, Ms Foo, for all your guidance and patience!

Lim Wei ChengNanyang Junior College

I entered EconsLab after doing badly in Economics for my Year 1 Promotional Exam. Before I was being taught by Ms Foo, I found Economics a very difficult subject to excel in, because one not only needs to be well versed with Economics theories, but it also requires a lot of critical thinking and good time management. It was upon desperation that I decided to seek help from Ms Foo.

Ms Foo has the necessary command over the subject matter she teaches. Ms Foo is equipped with answers of any possible questions that may crop up during lesson time. I can still remember vividly the times where I would pose endless questions during lessons, and being a good communicator, Ms Foo is very comfortable in explaining things and enjoys doing so. We were given a lot of choices in our assignment, lessons were very flexible and interactive as we were encouraged to respond and speak up in class.

Ms Foo trained us to be on-the-spot thinkers. Ms Foo even welcomed additional work like essays from her students, so that she could mark and give very helpful and constructive comments which also helped in improving my understanding of the subject.

With a cheerful, responsible and motivating tutor like Ms Foo, I overcame the fear of the subject and eventually achieved an A in ‘A’ Levels Exam 2010! I entered EconsLab utterly confused and came out enlightened.

Adelyn Lim Hui ShanAnderson Junior College

I remember clearly that my grade for the first Economics test I had in school was a U; thereafter I hated this new subject in JC and had the impression that “I’m just not an Econs person”.

Sometime around September/October 2009, as my mother was worried for my final year promotional examination, she enrolled me in Ms Foo’s Econs tuition and told Ms Foo to help me attain at least a pass by the end of JC 1 – and I did.

I also remember clearly that I always looked forward to Ms Foo’s tuition, and this was something unusual for me as I always hated the ideal of having to attend extra lessons outside school. I believe it was because Ms Foo was (and still is) very cheerful and encouraging; she always told me to never give up on Econs, and I’ll definitely see an A for Econs on my result slip – true enough, she did not lie!

Her vast knowledge in Econs concepts and professional experience in her teaching methodology are undoubtable. It amazes me how she is able to readily explain so many of the confusing Econs concepts so clearly and make them more comprehensive for her students. Personally, I also admire her patience in teaching her students, especially me, since I used to ask her so many silly questions and made her repeat herself a thousand times!

Besides being a teacher, I somehow felt that Ms Foo was also a friend to me. I could tell her everything that happened in school on that day – complain to her about the teachers in school, I rant about how boring Biology lesson was and also my most common complaint-of-the-day: how tired I was! I appreciate how thoughtful Ms Foo was (and still is) as she always told her students to grab a drink from her mini-fridge to refresh themselves before her lesson. She also never fails to make her lessons interactive and interesting to engage her students despite herself being drained from endless back-to-back tuition classes (especially during the peak exam period).

Honestly, Ms Foo was (and still is) the best tuition teacher I’ve ever had! I believe many of her students will agree with me. Not only does she present herself as a professional, approachable and caring teacher, her constant reminders for students to “revise, revise and revise” as well as text messages to express her well wishes and pre-exam reminders really did show her determination and passion to help every student attain an A for Econs, even for other subjects as well.

I believe Ms Foo will continue to be a awesome teacher and friend to her current and future students, for she has successfully triggered my interest in Econs and led me to pursue an Econs-related course in the University.

All the best Ms Foo!

Cheo JiayingSt. Andrew's Junior College

Economics was an entirely new subject for me in JC and even though the concepts appeared easy to understand initially, my results for Economics never seemed to reflect likewise. My grades shifted between the E, S, U range with little improvement. Similarly, my interest in Economics also dwindled.

I joined EconsLab about 2 weeks before my JC1 Promotional Exam (2009) and despite the short period, my grade improved from the previous U to an E. Ms Foo’s tips and teaching also enlightened me to the links between the economics concepts, simultaneously seeing both the big and small pictures. Her teaching style also encouraged me to think and explain the answers on my own rather than being spoon-fed. This style of teaching is especially useful as it is similar to an exam setting where we would have to brainstorm and explain our points in a limited period of time. It also motivated me to revise more thoroughly and know my concepts sufficiently to enhance the fruitfulness of each lesson.

With the tuition at EconsLab, my detest for Economics was transformed to an interest. The numerous references made to current economic news during lessons allowed me to realise the importance of Economics and its applicability to life. As such, Ms Foo has not only imparted to me the necessary Economics knowledge but also, a more in-depth understanding of how the world’s economy functions.

With the availability of crash courses, comprehensive notes and Ms Foo’s detailed explanation, EconsLab certainly provides a very wholesome education in Economics. Through the span of the JC2 year, my Economics grade climbed from an E to a C, and eventually an A at the GCE A Levels! EconsLab has not only enabled me to excel in the subject but also developed in me, a strong interest in Economics. Lessons at EconsLab were always insightful and interactive which transformed this apparently “dry” subject to something fun-filled and interesting.

I have always enjoyed the tuition sessions at EconsLab with Ms Foo’s fun and interactive approach to teaching! I am certain that with her professionalism and versatility, Ms Foo would be able to continue to discover teaching styles that are appropriate and useful for all students!

Diane OngAnglo-Chinese Junior College

I have chosen Economics as my H1 contrasting subject. To begin with, since J1 till the day I joined Ms Foo’s tuition, my grades were either S or U. Frankly speaking, to me, Economics is a difficult subject to grasp.

I began to understand the subject better with Ms Foo’s guidance. Even though I always failed to attain even a D grade for my school’s Economics exams, Ms Foo’s encouragement and patience had brought me through the tough period. I got an E grade for prelims. Nevertheless, Ms Foo has never given up on me.

I am proud to say that I got B for Economics in the A Level Exam 2010! Though it may not seem wow to most, it was already a great achievement for me. I want to thank Ms Foo for all her hard work and strong belief in me that I can do it.

Thank you Ms Foo!

Sherlyn SeahTemasek Junior College

When I first sought Ms Foo’s help, I was scoring Es consistently – I was insecure, jaded and held a firm dislike for the subject matter. Ms Foo distilled key principles and presented them as clear logical descriptions of human behaviour, and trained me to think fast and argue convincingly when dealing with Economics questions.

Ms Foo was spot-on in her understanding that doing well in the A’s is a combination of accuracy of instinct and clarity of expression. I am thankful for studying under Ms Foo and am grateful to her for helping me score an A for Economics!

Rachel OngVictoria Junior College

I decided to attend Economics tuition last June to prepare for my Common Test as I did not understand some of the content taught in school. During lessons, Ms Foo always ensures that every single one of us fully comprehends what she has taught before moving on to teach new content. Though it can be exasperating to repeat something again and again, she never finds it so and gladly explains to us again if we did not grasp it the first time.

She also always brings in real world examples to complement the content that she is teaching, which can be used in essays and case studies as well. Even though she only has short intervals between lessons due to her packed class schedule, she is still willing to answer and clarify my doubts on the things she had just taught. Overall, her modus operandi in teaching creates a warm and light-hearted atmosphere that allows her lessons to be more engaging.

Chen Qin TingDunman High School

Every story has a beginning, a conflict, and a resolution. My story began with taking up Economics as a subject; The conflict arose when as a JC1 student, I simply could not fathom the workings of Economics as a subject, culminating in a ‘U’ grade for Common Test. Fortunately, there was a resolution to the conflict – EconsLab.

EconsLab has really lived up to its name as ‘EconsLab’ and delivered on its promise of ‘Excelling Economics’. A laboratory is a place where one experiments, tumbles, questions, and most importantly – learn. With Ms Foo around, the Economics journey has certainly been a journey of learning. Every class provides a sharper and clearer picture of Economics and its concepts as Ms Foo exposes us to a broad spectrum of questions and detailed clear explanation of topics, which are complemented with her own personal notes.

Previously, I never understood how each discrete aspect of Economics worked or how they linked up to each other; However, after tuition, I have a big picture idea of how they are connected and how they can be applied in real life.

Within a short span of a few months, the conflicts of my story were resolved, jumping five grades to a C, with one of my essays scoring an A!

This certainly would not have been possible without Ms Foo and her fun, dynamic lessons which I always look forward to!

Lim W.Raffles Institution

Ms Foo is a devoted teacher who is very passionate in teaching Economics. I joined her tuition class before JC2 Mid Year Exam as I was unable to grasp all the Economics concepts and apply them in the exams. After attending her lessons, I learnt how to make linkages in my essays in order to obtain higher marks. I also became more interested in studying Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo, for all the time and effort you spent in helping me improve on my understanding in Economics and getting a B in the A Levels!

Ong Yi LinMeridian Junior College

Ms Foo is a very dedicated Economics teacher. I joined her lessons in early 2011 because I was doing badly in Economics (U for March Block Test).

Ms Foo made me understand that Economics is actually fun and interesting to learn. She gave real life examples through newspaper articles. She also gave clear explanations to challenging concepts in Macro and Microeconomics.

I am grateful to Ms Foo for all her help in Economics which I eventually scored an A in the A Levels exam!

Lynn TanMeridian Junior College

Hello Ms Foo!

First of all, I would like to Thank You for all the encouragement and support that you have given me, especially during the ‘A’ level period! Without your guidance, I might not have been able to jump from borderline passes in school exams to an A grade in the ‘A’ levels, so THANK YOU!

During the course of almost 2 years being taught Economics by you, I have learnt to really Love the subject! Lessons were enjoyable as I felt at ease to share my opinions, and listen to other students’ opinions, resulting in very interactive, and informative sessions! Your teaching methodology, together with the self-prepared notes and newspaper articles made learning Economics so much easier as I understood the concepts clearly from your lessons, and it was interesting to see how the concepts were applied to real world situations through the newspaper articles.

Most important, your patience and sincere belief in my ability led me to do well, and I am very grateful to have such a wonderful teacher like you!

Keep in touch!

Chermaine ChioNanyang Junior College

Hello Ms Foo!

Thanks so much for teaching and coaching me in Economics for the past two years! I think all the question practices and your nagging helped me to get an A for A Levels! Your question drilling really helped! It made me brush up on my notes before going for class, so that I could make an effort to plan my essays with more solid facts.

And, I learnt additional stuff from you that my school didn’t teach/emphasize.

Although it has been a chore to run to Bugis every weekend, I believe that it has paid off. Getting an A is such a wonderful feeling, especially for a subject that I have slowly grown fond of.

Thanks so much for building up the love for Economics in me. And now, I may even consider studying Economics! Hope you’ll continue teaching passionately!

Genevieve OngTemasek Junior College

I joined Ms Foo in October 2011 after scoring an S for my Prelims. Being a kiasu Singaporean, I attended both her individual and group tuition classes. Ms Foo approaches both of them differently, and is always willing to cater to the needs of her students. She is able to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of each student, enabling them to study more efficiently. I managed to clinch a B in A Levels!

She is always open to ideas from her students and gives them the freedom to decide on what they want to do during lessons. This flexibility makes it a lot easier for students to have a more focused discussion and helps them cope with their tight schedules.

An apt analogy to describe Ms Foo would be to compare her to a song on the radio being put on replay. She repeats her points often to make sure that her students remember to make a conscious effort to put their knowledge to good use. She even labels herself as being “naggy”! Personally, I feel that this attribute is what makes her a good tutor. Before we know it, we know our content and techniques by heart as they are etched, subconsciously, into our minds. If she is a song on the radio, then the lyrics to the songs would be the content that we know by heart. This method of reiterating is certainly effective as students need lesser effort on their part to physically plough through all their notes to memorise the content. But this doesn’t make her students any lazier and more complacent than others!

Besides knowing the subject at her fingertips, she often provides recent examples, statistics and newspaper cuttings as aids to our learning.

This journey alongside Ms Foo was certainly a rewarding one which I believe that most Economics tutors in schools fail to provide adequately.

Sharlyn BaySt Andrews Junior College

I started receiving tuition from Ms Foo at the start of my JC2 year. Scoring an S for the JC1 Promo Exams and having a percentile of 37% effectively caused alarm bells to ring. Upon the first tuition lesson, it became clear that Ms Foo was not only well-versed in the subject she teaches, but passionate about it too. Her enthusiasm made lessons enjoyable and many times, the two hours just seemed to fly away.

With her comprehensive notes, the subject became a lot less baffling. Most importantly, she taught me how to analyse the questions and answer them well. Under her guidance (and with the encouraging text messages she would send), my grades improved, scoring a C in the Prelim Exams with a percentile of 82%. Eventually, as Ms Foo had expected of me but never gave me undue pressure even, I scored an A in the A Levels.

On a more personal level, I found myself gaining interest in real-world applications of the various theories. This interest grew large enough to have me list Economics as one of my undergraduate degree choices. This is a definite testament of how infectious Ms Foo’s enthusiasm is.

I most certainly owe Ms Foo a large ‘Thank You!’ for all she has done. The words on the paper made sense to me as she taught me the language of Economics.

Cheryl Chui Li WenHwa Chong Institution

Ms Foo is a passionate, knowledgeable and interactive tutor. During lessons, she teaches us not only the content but also exam strategies. I particularly appreciate her ‘Timed Essay Planning’ technique which taught us to think of points quickly every lesson under time constraints, after which she would go through the question. Her ‘Invisible Component for 25-mark questions’ was also very useful although not explicitly taught in my school.

She also often prepares newspaper cuttings featuring current, relevant economic issues that we can include in our essays and patiently explains the important parts of the articles. She is also concerned with our academic and non-academic progress and is always glad to offer help. She will help us to view our tests or examination scripts, writing additional comments to ensure that we fully understand and not repeat our mistakes.

Despite doing badly in my H2 Economics Preliminary Examination, I managed to score the highly-coveted ‘A’ at the 2011 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. Thank you Ms Foo! :)

Tang Ya YunNanyang Junior College

Hi Ms Foo,

It’s been a long time coming, but I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance and teaching during one of my most academically trying times. As is often said, the full impact of a teacher may not materialise in one’s lifetime alone. Hence, I cannot even begin to thank you for the help that you have rendered me, but I hope that the fact that I did well to score an A for Economics in my A levels in 2011 is a start. =)

As a teacher, you were very patient and understanding, trying your best to cater to the needs of individual students. I feel that the thing that helped me to learn the most was how interesting you made Economics seem. The countless news articles that you went through with us made me see the usefulness and practicality of the subject.

As a person, you are equally inspiring. Up till today, I am amazed at how fast you reply a text or email. It shows me just how passionate and dedicated you are to teaching. As a student, I aspire to learn not only what is being taught. I am inspired by the level of dedication that you show and aim to one day emulate that. Unfortunately, seeing how long it took to write this short passage, I haven’t been too successful. Nevertheless, your lessons are very memorable for me and I was glad to be able to attend them.

Gan Jun HerngRiver Valley High School

It has always been a pleasure to be taught by Ms Foo because of her undying patience to impart her Economics knowledge to us. :)

Her attentiveness towards us students especially in a small group setting makes us feel more comfortable to ask more intellectual (and sometimes lame) questions.

Thank you Ms Foo for your teaching and encouragement for the past two years! I got an A in the final exam! :)

Noreen NgHwa Chong Institution

Before beginning my tuition lessons with Ms Foo, my Economics grades were consistently rather poor. While I did enjoy the subject itself, I never really managed to get my head around all the essays we had to write, and how we were supposed to write them. Coupled with being a rather slow writer, this result in my Economics Block Tests, Mid-years, End of Year Exams you name it, all almost consistently around an E grade (i.e. about a D after some moderation). In my JC2 Block Test, I literally did not do one of my essays (almost) due to a lack of time, which resulted in me getting a U for my Econs grade for that test. It was about then when we started looking for an Economics tutor. My mother happened to know a colleague whose child was also attending Economics tuition, and it was in that way that I was referred to Ms Foo for tuition.

I began my lessons with Ms Foo when the June holidays started, about two weeks in or so as I was busy for the first two. I carried on with the tuition until about the week before the final Economics paper during my A Levels. When teaching, Ms Foo was always interesting and engaging, and would always ensure that her students had 100% understanding of what was taught, specially taking out time to help those who had not understood or acquired the necessary essay skills. If any of her students had forgotten certain concepts or facts, she would make sure to go through it with them, to ensure they remembered it.

During this period of time, I found myself learning and understanding how everything linked together, and also how the flow of an Economics essay should be like. Consequently, I saw a similar improvement in my grades, eventually getting a C for my Prelims results. With some more effort, and assistance from Ms Foo’s tuition lessons, I managed to get my A for the A Levels! All in all, Ms Foo is a competent and engaging teacher, with plenty of patience to spare for the weaker students. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for Economics tuition to her.

Thank you Ms Foo!

Benjamin Michael Lim Wen ShihHwa Chong Institution

Just wanted to express my thanks for guiding Benjamin in his Economics. In the short 6 months or so that he was with you, his results exceeded all our hopes.

We were very delighted when he got his results on 1 March 2013 – from having had his paper ungraded (U) to achieving an A – this was beyond all our expectations!

Thank you once again!

Mrs Veronica LimMother of Benjamin Lim