Economics Tuition Testimonials

In 2005, I was a Year 2 student in Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). Being from the Arts Stream, my science and maths subject were very poor.

Thus it came to be that at the end of my Promotional Exams in 2004, I scored an F for my Economics.

Naturally, my mother was very worried as I continued failing Economics even in Year 2. About 2 months plus before the Actual “A” Levels examinations, she managed to secure Ms Foo as an Economics tutor for me.

Within these 2 months, Ms Foo diligently taught me and the end result was that I scored a “B” for my “A” Levels Economics! It is to be noted that all the way up till the “A” Levels, I had been failing Economics very consistently. All this can be credited to MsFoo’s teaching and effective strategy.

Firstly, she realised that with 2 months left till the exams, there was very little time left. Therefore, instead of teaching me everything all over again, she worked on my weakest areas in the subject. She also taught me the techniques of writing good Economics essay. Previously, I attempted to write in argumentative or literary styles with huge elaborations, which Ms Foo helped to correct. Quality over quantity!

Finally, she gave me a much needed boost in my confidence to face the dreaded exams. By believing in me, I felt empowered to face the “A”s, finally scoring a B! Compared to the F grade from my promotional exams the year before, it was a vast improvement!

When I showed my school Economics teacher my results, she simply couldn’t believe it! Without Ms Foo’s help, it certainly wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to her, I now have a secure place in NUS!

Phua Ian Hong AndrewHwa Chong Institution

I started tuition with Ms Foo when I was in Year 2, after my block test in which I got a “S” grade for my H2 Economics.

During the first session with her, she was able to pinpoint my problems after going through my papers, which is unable to understand concepts fully and also not able to elaborate on the important concepts of the questions.

Ms Foo’s explanations are clear and she would pull in examples from real life to make her student understand the concepts better. She is also sure of her stuff, not needing to refer to any supplementary materials. Her explanations made me clearer of what I am studying.

In Economics, being able to link concepts together is important. To help me in this, she gave me many papers from different schools for me to practise on, showing me how one concept is able to link to another. During the sessions with her, she would sometimes discuss about news topic, adding it to our answers, making it more relevant, unique and value added.

Tuition with Ms Foo is challenging as sometimes, alternate viewpoints raised by her would challenge mine and through these, it made me more stable in tackling the questions on my own. I eventually scored a ‘B’ in GCE ‘A’ Levels! I am grateful to her for helping to improve my grades.

Chee Jia WeiNanyang Junior College

I was from National Junior College from year 2006 to 2007. I took H2 Economics as my contrasting subject. I regretted taking Economics when I was in JC1 because it was a totally new subject and I couldn’t understand what was taught to me. I barely passed my Economics in JC1 by achieving an “E”.

The first half of my JC2 year was even worse for me. I failed my common test in school. I later found Ms Foo as my private Economics tutor. I cleared all my doubts regarding my school work and the concepts with her. She even gave me extra tips in scoring for Economics. Her teachings made me like Economics, slowly.

She was very patient with me even though I had many enquires. After learning under her for half a year, I scored a “C” for my Prelims which was around 80th percentile in my cohort. Eventually, I got an “A” for my GCE “A” Level exams.

I am very glad to be taught by Ms Foo because she is a great tutor. Thanks Ms Foo for helping me so much in my academics! I am truly grateful for what you have done for me! Once again, thank you very much.

Yang YiboNational Junior College

Ms Foo was my Economics tuition teacher in my Junior College Year 2 (2008). Within the short period of a few months, Ms Foo had offered much help in improving my grade. During our discussion on the essay questions, she would offer many great pointers which I would not have thought of. This helped me develop better analytical skills as well as build up on my Economics concepts.

Miss Foo was patient in her teaching. A committed and conscientious teacher, she will cut out Economics-related newspaper articles for my reference. This enabled me to take note of current affairs which was useful in applying to essays. Furthermore, she has helped to boost my morale in the learning of Economics whenever I feel disheartened. With her guidance and encouragement, I have improved and obtained a satisfactory B grade for GCE ‘A’ Levels! I believe she would continue to attain great success in her teaching. All the best Ms Foo!.

Charmaine WeeAnderson Junior College

Ms Foo was my Economics tuition teacher in my Junior College Year 2 (2008). Within the short period of a few months, Ms Foo had offered much help in improving my grade. During our discussion on the essay questions, she would offer many great pointers which I would not have thought of. This helped me develop better analytical skills as well as build up on my Economics concepts.

Miss Foo was patient in her teaching. A committed and conscientious teacher, she will cut out Economics-related newspaper articles for my reference. This enabled me to take note of current affairs which was useful in applying to essays. Furthermore, she has helped to boost my morale in the learning of Economics whenever I feel disheartened. With her guidance and encouragement, I have improved and obtained a satisfactory B grade for GCE ‘A’ Levels! I believe she would continue to attain great success in her teaching. All the best Ms Foo!

Ngoh WanqinHwa Chong Institution

I began lessons with Ms. Foo shortly after I received my common test results in late July 2009 which I scored an ‘S’ for Economics.

In the space of two months, she revised all the topics I had learnt over the year and also went through numerous sample questions from various prelim papers. Rather than having me write out answers, we discussed the answers to the questions verbally, which allowed for quick thinking and helped me to think of answers on the spot. By discussing the questions with her, I was also able to gauge better what the question required, improving both my time management and answering skills during the paper. We were also able to cover a wide variety of questions during the lessons, which also gave me a better grasp of the kind of questions which would come out in the paper.

Eventually, I scored an ‘A’ in the promotional exams 2009!

Natalie KuanRaffles Institution (Junior College)

After doing badly in the subject, I decided to seek help in learning Economics. As this subject was new to me, I needed assistance to understand the many Economic concepts. And through Ms Foo’s guidance, the subject became much clearer to me.

Ms Foo is very thorough in her guidance. Through her patience, explanations and real-life examples, I was able to grasp the Economic concepts. She also gave me very good pointers in answering questions. This has led to my essays having more depth in analysis and evaluation.

During the short period in which she coached me in my learning, I have gained much and have more confidence in the subject. Through her guidance, I did remarkably well in the final exams in 2009, scoring a distinction in the subject!

I am very pleased with my result, and Ms Foo played a huge role in helping me achieve it. I appreciate her guidance very much!

Nicolas SohAnglo-Chinese School (Independent)

After joining Ms Foo’s tuition for Economics, my grades have significantly improved. From getting an S during my prelims in 2009, through her dedication in teaching and her willingness to help, I got a B for my Economics paper for my ‘A’ Levels. Within this short amount of time of 2 months, it is indeed a miracle for me to be able to jump by 5 grades and surely this is a fact that only Ms Foo can help me to achieve.

Her constant challenges to me so that I can improve and motivate myself to do better, her ‘never-give-up’ on me attitude had certainly a big role to play for me to be able to achieve the kind of results I have. Especially after getting a S for my Economics prelims, it was her encouragement that got me on my feet again to study for my A’s.

Truly a great and inspiring teacher who never fails to care for her students. I would like to say a big Thank You and I really appreciate the efforts you have put in for me!

Tian YuCatholic Junior College

Before I began Economics lessons with Ms Foo, I endured nearly an entire year of failing this baffling subject in 2008. To me, Economics seemed rather abstract, like something I could survive without understanding. Armed with that attitude, I acquired countless ‘S’ and ‘U’ grades rather consistently.

However, when a friend of mine had me convinced of Ms Foo’s competence and adeptness in teaching, I decided to give Economics tuition classes a shot in 2009.

Ms Foo’s patience and dedication proved effective, as my grades for Economics improved steadily from ‘S’s and ‘U’s to ‘D’s and finally ‘A’ in the A levels! Her precise and clear explanations made information palatable, and her illustrations made them memorable! Economics miraculously became my favourite subject, and I’m so glad the knowledge Ms Foo has imparted in me is able to help me better understand many scenarios and situations in the world!

Thank you Ms Foo! :D

Anthea SeitRaffles Junior College

I first came to Ms Foo because I had done poorly in the school common test of my final year in 2009. Along with strengthening my foundation in Economics, her personally prepared notes and lessons also helped in my understanding and application of key concepts. She taught me several techniques which came in useful in answering essay and case study questions, also providing me with external reading material such as newspaper clippings. These expanded my views on how Economics principles are woven into almost every aspect of society and increased my interest in the subject.

In the span of 3 to 4 months, I managed to pull my grade up from an ‘E’ to a ‘B’ in the A Levels. Ms Foo’s lively, interactive lessons led me to ask more questions and to view societal issues in a more discerning light. Thanks!

Chen Chin YiDunman High School

Ms Foo’s patient manner when teaching her students really appeals to me. She manages to engage us and she has really helped me learn to love Economics! Every student is given the opportunity to clear his/her doubts, it’s really thanks to Ms Foo that my grade for Economics improved!

Nicole Jeanne Tan MinTemasek Junior College

Hello Ms Foo!

I just like to say a big Thank You to you for slowing instilling a sense of love for Economics! When I first came, I thought Economics was a very abstract subject and I wanted to give it up. But you made me continue with Economics and I’m truly glad that I made the right choice to carry on with the subject! Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for encouraging me to continue taking Economics! This is all through your understanding and precise teaching which is why I finally understood Economics.

Genevieve OngTemasek

Ms Foo is able to help us understand Economics concepts that were initially difficult to comprehend. With her flexible teaching method, the tuition group is able to choose the topics or exam techniques that we want to learn. She is also very patient and will not hesitate to re-explain concepts.

To keep us updated of current economic affairs, she also provides newspaper cuttings for us. This not only allowed us to include the information in our essays, but has also helped to sustain our interest in Economics and relate it to the happenings in the real world. These have made every Economics lesson very insightful and interesting.

Thank you, Ms Foo!

TangNanyang Junior College

“]My daughter has been in Ms Foo’s Economics tuition class for about two semesters already. With the help of Ms Foo’s well-planned lessons and guidance, my daughter has been within the top 15% of her cohort for the mid-year and promotional Economics examinations. Thanks!

Mrs Tang

I joined Ms Foo in early 2010 for Economics tuition lessons. Although I started lessons with Ms Foo late, no time was wasted at all as she quickly sat down with me and made sure that I was on par with my peers in school.

Her effective teaching methods which includes the oral discussion of essay questions and analysis of case studies, had allowed me to develop quick-thinking skills as well as the ability to expand my ideas coherently into a proper paragraph. In addition, a patient tutor herself, Ms Foo makes sure that I clearly understand a particular economic theory by taking time to explain the concept concisely to me. In order to allow me to better understand such concepts, Ms Foo often provides me with real-life examples through newspaper articles and current affairs.

Lastly, I am thankful to Ms Foo for her tireless effort in marking and correcting the assignments I had handed in – her comments and feedback had made a great difference in the quality of my written work and an overall improvement in the subject.

Overall, Ms Foo is not only a tutor to me but more of a friend who would always be there to encourage and support me all the way to the end. Thank you Ms Foo! :)

Jessica Lim Wan XuanRaffles Institution

Economics had always been my weakest subject as I found it difficult to grasp the concept. I hardly passed in school’s tests and exams in my two years of JC life.

About three months before the ‘A’ Level examination 2010, I joined Ms Foo’s class. Ms Foo’s lessons were engaging and she explained concepts clearly. She was caring and meticulous, and never failed to put on a smile every lesson. She puts in effort in her lessons by preparing news articles related to Economics and explaining them to us. She also prepared many papers from different schools for us to practise on. I can always feel free to ask questions and clear my doubts.

Ms Foo made Economics more interesting and made me feel more well prepared for exams. I am grateful for what Ms Foo had done. I scored a B for my ‘A’ Level examination in 2010! This is a huge improvement from my performance in school (usually ‘S’ or ‘U’ grades).

Thank you, Ms Foo! :)

Tan Su HuiAnderson Junior College

For the first JC1 common test for Economics, I received a dismal S, and knew that I needed help to improve my grades. Hence in August 2009, I began learning under Ms Foo in order to prepare for my promotional examinations in October.

During this time, Ms Foo helped me reinforce concepts learnt in lectures as well as explaining them to me in a manner which was easy to understand. Intensive drilling in past year papers, discussing the questions on the spot, allowed me to gain familiarity with structuring my answers and trained me to think quickly on my feet, which proved valuable given the vigorous demands of the Economics paper. Ms Foo’s openness and sincere passion for the subject gave me the confidence to clarify any queries I had, and to speak freely during her lessons. Within the span of two months, my grades improved drastically, with my eventually receiving an A in my promotional examinations.

I continued my lessons under Ms Foo for the following year, where Ms Foo guided me in my understanding of macroeconomics, often explaining concepts well before my teachers in school did. Despite struggling with macroeconomics and only obtaining a C in my preliminary examinations, I eventually received an A in Economics for my GCE ‘A’ Levels at the end of 2010.

Ms Foo’s perseverance and her sincere belief in my ability to do well encouraged me greatly, and she proved to be far more than a tuition teacher, but also as someone who truly cares for her students, and indeed an incredibly supportive friend through these one and a half years. :)

Natalie KuanRaffles Institution

When I first entered Ms Foo’s tuition, my Economics was in a very bad state and I was still clueless about approaching essays and case studies (despite learning Economics for over a year). Through Ms Foo’s patient guidance, I learnt essay and case study writing skills. Ms Foo also made sure to enrich our knowledge by providing us with newspaper articles which clearly illustrated economics concepts. This allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of the subject and its role in the real world. Ms Foo also taught me exam-smart techniques such as time management, which is essential to score well in this subject. The class was very interactive and I was able to clear my doubts that I had.

Even outside classes, Ms Foo replied to my questions that I messaged her about, which clearly shows how much she cares about her students. I was truly touched when she wished us ‘Good Luck’ for our papers and even answered my calls before the exam (she listened to me fluster over the paper!).

Ms Foo is truly a very loving teacher and the fact that she is able to form a special bond with her students makes lessons with her so much more comfortable and fun. I am definitely thankful to her for shining light on this abstruse subject, pulling my grades from a U to an A for ‘A’ Levels!

Low Yue HuanDunman High School

Due to my far-from-stellar performance for my JC2 Common Test (S grade for Economics), I decided to seek help. I was glad to be in the small group tuition under Ms Foo because we are given the liberty to decide on the contents we want to go through in class, so we could focus on our areas of weakness.

Ms Foo is very encouraging and approachable and I was not afraid to clarify any Economics concepts with her, sometimes making silly statements even (but Ms Foo said that at least I would not make the same mistakes in ‘A’ Levels!)

Also, Ms Foo is armed with relevant and current news articles showing Economics theories in the practical/real world, which I find pretty useful to use as examples in our essays! Seeing that Economics had been my weakest subject throughout my JC years, I am thankful that I got a B for ‘A’ Levels given the short span of time with Ms Foo!

Ho Ning LiDunman High School

I was a Year 2 student in Serangoon Junior College in 2010 facing a stagnant period with my Economics grades that simply couldn’t exceed a “S” since Year 1. Despite all the effort that I’ve invested into memorising my facts, the grades just weren’t showing. I simply couldn’t get through this crisis and it was then I decided to engage external help.

Thankfully it was Ms Foo whom I’ve engaged. Not only was she insightful in identifying the difficulties I was facing, she was also prompt in setting things right. One of the key ideas that Ms Foo taught me was that Economics is not simply just about memorising but also having to understand and applying it relevantly and appropriately. However, that was very much the difficulty that I was facing with Economics back then. Seeing that problem in me, Ms Foo took an extra effort to make clearer explanations for all my doubt while drawing to real life examples and references making the seemingly dull content easier to digest.

Under Ms Foo’s comprehensive guidance, I’m now proud to say that I’m an “A” student of Economics!

Thank you Ms Foo, for your support and text messages of last minute reminders and encouragement you send every time before a major exam!

Economics is made fun with you around!

Lim YilianSerangoon Junior College

The only time that I passed my Economics for my school’s exam was during JC1 where I got an E. Following that, my results were atrocious for Economics with U and S. I tried my best in classes and exams but still, there was no improvement in my results. A Levels was round the corner and I started to panic. Hence, together with my friend, we went onto the internet to search for an inexpensive yet reputable Economics tuition. We came across Ms Foo’s tuition centre – EconsLab and after reading the previous testimonials and checking the fees, we decided to give it a go as everything seems good and the price is reasonable.

Ever since the first lesson, I did not regret enrolling for Ms Foo’s tuition as she made Economics more interesting and simple for me to understand. Ms Foo taught us concepts in relation to global events that are happening and that was what I really enjoyed and appreciated. There is this sense of pride and achievement when you are able to analyse how a certain event occurs and the possible economic consequences. It made me enjoy Economics more even though I still dread having to write 3 essays.

I would like to thank Ms Foo for the hard work and effort she has put in to ensure I understand the concepts and her friendliness that made me not afraid to ask questions to better understand the concepts. Economics became a subject I like and a subject for me to better understand how the economics of the world goes about, thanks to Ms Foo! I sincerely recommend enrolling in Ms Foo’s tuition for those who want to do well for their Economics. It was a great moment for me to see a ‘B’ for my Economics during A Levels!

Chua Jun HuiNanyang Junior College

I started tuition with Ms Foo at the end of my JC1 year, after I scored an ‘S’ for my Promotional exams. Being from the Arts Stream, I constantly struggled with Economics and had never gotten past an ‘E’ grade in my first year at JC.

Being frustrated and worried, I decided to join Ms Foo’s tuition class. Ms Foo was extremely patient and optimistic with all of her students and consistently encouraged us to never give up hope and to keep trying. Her bubbly personality and optimistic attitude greatly inspired me, and I eventually began to like Economics. My grades started to improve greatly and even my school Economics tutor was impressed with me. I like how Ms Foo can explain and teach Economics in such a simple way. She is very thorough in her guidance, as seen in the systematic way she taught us. She would always go through the basics with us to ensure that we truly understood the chapters, then teach us essay skills and practice with us. She would even cut out newspaper articles for us to use in our essays as real world examples.

I eventually scored a ‘B’ at my ‘A’ Levels. Although it was not the grade that I had hoped for, I am still grateful to Ms Foo. If it were not for her guidance and continuous encouragement, I would have given up a long time ago and done a lot worse for my A levels. Thanks for being such a great help and inspiration to me throughout this journey! I am currently thinking of applying to Economics at university. Thanks once again for making Economics so fun and thank you for your SMSes of encouragement. I’m very glad that I was able to attend your tuition lessons and I’ll definitely recommend you to students around. :)

Valerie NgiengTemasek Junior College

When I first started JC1 life, I found that although I could understand the Economics concepts, when it came to writing essays I just couldn’t perform well. I decided to join EconsLab and Ms Foo really helped my Economics grade improve slowly but surely, through many weeks of going through concepts and practice questions. From Us in JC1 and early JC2 to S, and finally E in Prelims, my grades were not stellar. My school Economics tutor paled in comparison to Ms Foo’s explanation and way of teaching, and I believe that it is thanks to her help that during the ‘A’ levels exam I was able to pull up my dismal grades to an A! I was amazed at my grades when I finally received them and I am really grateful to Ms Foo for all her help and guidance!

Ethanyn LimHwa Chong Institution

Without trying to sound too much like a typical advertisement for good tuition teachers like so many tuition centres do with their flyers and handouts, I can honestly say (without any doubt) that Ms Foo is indeed a great Economics tutor!

Having scored ‘U’s for this subject in JC1, a friend finally suggested that I go for tuition and introduced Ms Foo to me. Initially, I had only agreed so that my parents wouldn’t worry too much about me not putting enough effort into my studies. I didn’t believe that tuition would help improve my grades as I was simply unable to grasp the mechanics of this subject.

However, I was proven wrong when I saw that Ms Foo was more than adequate in explaining the various policies to me. A 1.5 hour tuition session with her had cleared most of the doubts and misconceptions I had been having for months. I eventually managed to scrape an ‘E’ for my Promos. Ms Foo had bolstered my confidence so much that I opted to take H2 Economics instead of H1, like before, when I decided to repeat my JC2 year.

My progress in Economics has been a difficult one, but it is a fact that I never would have scored an ‘A’ in the ‘A’ Levels exam if Ms Foo hadn’t been there to encourage and reassure me that I would definitely excel. Her confidence in her students is very heartening and I believe that is what makes an excellent teacher.

The path to getting an ‘A’ is not an easy one and it’s impossible to achieve overnight results. Most of the effort has to come from the student, but Ms Foo makes the journey so much easier with the amount of care and concern she has for all of her students, not to mention her expertise in Economics itself. :)

Wan Zhi QingNanyang Junior College

Ms Foo has been a fantastic Economics tutor. She possesses various qualities of an excellent teacher, such as her patience, understanding, encouraging nature and bubbly personality, making it easy to talk to her. Ms Foo is clear in her explanations, and she readily breaks down and explains Economics concepts clearly and concisely.

Ms Foo takes the extra effort to understand my strengths and weaknesses, tapping upon this knowledge to address my difficulties encountered, while aligning the lessons according to my needs. For example, being weaker in Micro Economics, Ms Foo places greater focus on it, ensuring that I do attempt Micro Economics essay questions rather than simply tackling Macro Economics (I eventually attempted the Micro essay in the A Levels exam!)

I have gained much from Ms Foo’s lessons. Ms Foo’s dedication to teach and help me improve is evident, from her teaching on its own, and reflected in the significant improvement of my Economics grades. From my constant struggle with Economics – scoring straight ‘U’s and not understanding it while also detesting this subject, I became an ‘A’ student the first term Ms Foo started teaching me. I have since understood many concepts I found foreign, scoring an ‘A’ for my Economics A Levels, and Economics eventually becoming my favourite subject in school.

Under Ms Foo’s unwavering guidance and support, I have improved leaps and bounds in Economics and have come to appreciate Economics and its relevance in the real world.

I am thankful for having met Ms Foo who is such a motivating and nurturing teacher. Thank you, Ms Foo! Thank you for all your help, effort and time! :)

Shermain ChinRiver Valley High School

Hi Ms Foo!

How have you been? Time really flies; it has been 5 months after A Levels. I really enjoy all the lessons with you and of course with my fellow tuition mates too. Lessons were always interesting and you never fail to entertain us with anecdotes.

You’re always so patient with us. You teach at a comfortable pace and make sure that we know our concepts well before moving on to the next chapter. (Schools usually “chiong” through the syllabus oh man what’s new). Whenever we have doubts, you address them immediately so that we won’t be confused.

Countless times when I had panic attacks before my Economics exam, you were there to encourage and motivate. You gave me the confidence booster before every major exams and I will never forget the valuable tips that you have given regarding writing of essays and being exam-smart. :)

Thank you for everything you have done. It was a pleasure to be your student and I appreciate everything that you have done for us (short messages to motivate us before the exam and preparing many case studies, essays and newspaper articles to familiarise us with the different styles of questioning). I’ll visit whenever I can!

Love you Ms Foo! “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher (Ms Foo) inspires.”

Quek Yan ChingNanyang Junior College

I was from Hwa Chong Institution but I wasn’t from the Arts stream, I was doing Science. I decided to take up H2 Economics to see what major I would like in university.

I had my Hwa Chung mates’ notes but literally zero experience in Economics. I don’t know what lectures were like and I didn’t attend any Economics-related things in Hwa Chong.

I started studying Economics under Ms Foo in August 2013 for about twelve or so lessons and in three months, I went from nothing to an ‘A’ grade for H2 Economics in the A Levels exam.

The first lesson I was sitting like a stunned duck because honestly I only started mugging after August, and reading the notes is not the same as applying Ms Foo’s analytical mind to questions and using Economic theory (not General Paper structure) to the question. She was the one who taught me how to structure my essays and not ‘jump the gun’ and through her I learnt not just to evaluate scenarios well, I also learnt how to use the most concise phrases for an ‘A’. She will also tell you what you need to do in graphs etc.

She is also really caring (thank you for saving the ice tea for me multiple times haha) and a very genuine person.

Good luck and all the best for Ms Foo!

Jessica TeckPrivate Candidate (2013)

I started attending Ms Foo’s classes before even starting JC1 as my friend was looking for a buddy to start a group tuition class. Back then, I wasn’t sure of attending tuition and felt that it was a waste of time. However, Ms Foo’s clear explanations of every idea in the topics really grounded my concepts in Economics. When Economics lectures in school first started, most of my friends were lost as the lecturer sped through the topics within the short one-hour slot, whereas I could grasp all the concepts taught. I began to appreciate Ms Foo’s slower-paced classes, with the flexibility of allowing us to clarify our doubts by asking questions which she would patiently answer. It was through these classes that I built a strong conceptual foundation in Economics that most of my peers lacked.

Moreover, Ms Foo would always provide us with ample opportunities for practice, printing many questions for us to try and forcing us to come up with points within a few minutes. It was through these practices that I learnt to think on the spot and craft my essay structure quickly. By going through the essay or case study immediately, Ms Foo would fine-tune our points and hence develop our answering techniques. Such exam skills would not have been taught in a school tutorial setting.

Finally, Ms Foo would constantly encourage us during lessons. She would push us to aim higher and kept telling us she believed we could do it. While most of my peers were feeling frustrated and worried over Economics, I felt more confident with Ms Foo’s encouragement, together with the concepts and skills built. Eventually, I managed to score an ‘A’ for A Levels exam.

Thank you, Ms Foo!

Sandra TanRaffles Institution

Thank you Ms Foo for your patient guidance! I got an A for Economics!

Before attending Ms Foo’s lessons, I was clueless as to how to properly approach economics essay questions. It was through her lessons that I learnt to apply basic concepts to real life economics, and found that economics questions much less intimidating! Ms Foo is a very patient and optimistic person, and her lessons never fail to inspire me to want to study harder for economics. I have learnt from her not just to expect more from myself but also to never stop learning.

Thank you for the times you showed concern for me, and for always encouraging me even though I took a while to get better at Economics! All the best in all your endeavours, and hope to meet again soon.

Jade TanRaffles Institution

Ms Foo has helped me to build up my Economics knowledge from scratch. I didn’t have strong language ability nor do I study very hard every single day to catch up on my content knowledge. I merely go to tuition once a week on a Sunday morning and read through the Economics notes on the same Sunday afternoon. And, reflect on the mistakes Ms Foo had pinpointed out in class.

I started tuition in JC2 (I didn’t know anything about Economics at that point of time) and marched all the way to A Levels in November! Sacrificed a Sunday morning and afternoon with some consistency, an ‘A’ grade is guaranteed!

Wu Di YuanNanyang Junior College

Before I went for tuition with Ms Foo, Economics was my worst subject as I was getting U for my tests. Hence, I began tuition under Ms Foo to prepare for my promotional examination.

After joining Ms Foo’s class, she helped me gain more confidence in Economics through her unwavering encouragement and guidance. She also equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle both the essays and case study questions, showing me that Economics is more than a subject about pure memory.

She was caring and meticulous in ensuring that we understood every detail of the subject, often encouraging class participation such that she can ensure that we understood how to answer the questions posed in the examinations. Furthermore, she often prepared news articles in order to equip us with real life examples and applications of Economics, giving us a deeper understanding of the subject while bringing our essays to the next level.

Ms Foo made Economics a much more interesting subject and I am grateful for everything she has done. Thank you Ms Foo for helping me secure an A grade for Economics!

Chan De QuanHwa Chong Institution

I had always been a ‘straight U’ student for Economics in my Year 1 in JC. I started tuition with Ms Foo in the beginning of Year 2 and that was when I developed a brand new perspective of the subject.

Ms Foo was really patient in clarifying my doubts and enquiries with Economics, often giving us helpful tips in answering the different types of questions posed to us. Even though I was reluctant to open up during lessons, her passion and enthusiasm in teaching Economics gave me the confidence to raise my opinions during lesson time, and made me realise that my contribution to the class can help me internalise my concepts better. Her explanations are also very clear, and she would incorporate real life examples in her teaching and link them to the concepts in the syllabus to help us understand better.

Despite busy teaching other students, Ms Foo is always dedicated in ensuring that her students know where their mistakes lies. It is routine for us to submit our school examination scripts to her so that she could scrutinize them and advise us on areas of improvement on answering the question by penning down her thoughts on post-it notes and attaching them to our scripts. She welcomes additional practice exercises from her students and is very efficient in vetting through the dozens of scripts being submitted to her. A dedicated tutor, Ms Foo offers a 24-hour Whatsapp service where students can pose questions to her over instant messaging to clarify her students’ doubts.

Nearing the A Levels period, Ms Foo also took time off her busy schedule to write personalized cards for each of her student to give them a last boost of morale and confidence before they face their papers. Though it may seem like a small gesture, but I am sure that it touched the hearts of every single one of her students and gave them the encouragement to do their best for Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo! I wouldn’t have achieved an ‘A’ for Economics for my A Levels without you! I owe my success to you and I’m really glad I didn’t disappoint you after all! :)

Ng Wen XinHwa Chong Institution

I remember joining class only in my second year. Truthfully, I felt I was struggling to escape the chasm of misunderstandings for Economics. Not blaming my JC tutor to be not helpful, but rather, I felt I needed a tutor who was straightforward yet knowledgeable to know when to take useful shortcuts.

Ms Foo’s teaching undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. Personally, I had high expectations since JC1 to do well, partly because it was something I want to pursue in future. Her teaching underscores effective learning. Through key phrases, ‘linking up the dots’ and encouraging me to hold an open view when learning Economics, understanding and applying concepts became a smoother process in school (especially with my teacher who greatly focuses on real-world example learning which are often riddles with complex theories).

Ms Foo also emphasised the importance of cogent and technical writing while avoiding the ‘GP style’ altogether. In brushing up my GP simultaneously, I was conflicted as to what was considered cogent/concise in Economics. But with her patience and helpful nagging and ever willingness to mark extra essays amidst her concomitant studies, she had successfully instilled in me cogent writing in the Economics way so as to bring out the key points fast, completely and orderly.

Nonetheless, her relentless drive to review weaker topics, sometimes on a one-to-one basis on SMS, and unfailing encouragement had indeed made me appreciate and study Economics more effectively and enthusiastically to secure an A at the A Levels examination!

Gabriel Tan Jie LiangTemasek Junior College

Ms Foo is truly an inspirational Economics tutor! She has the ability to make the concepts seem weightless. Usually, we get baffled by how the theories link or how we explain this in an essay. Attending Ms Foo’s tuition made these worries seem pointless.

Ms Foo explains Economics in a layman manner such that I, a clueless JC2 student with a U grade in July 2010, managed to clinch an A for my ‘A’ Levels! After attending the group tuition classes, I was desperate for 1-to-1 sessions but our time did not allow that. As such, I wrote essays when I could and sought Ms Foo’s assistance in marking. Despite her packed schedule, Ms Foo voluntarily took extra time and effort to mark my essays with full details.

Honestly, I wish I started attending Ms Foo’s tuition since JC1 as I would not have to struggle towards the end. Nevertheless, the final lap was made smoother with Ms Foo’s invaluable explanations, awesome notes and enthusiasm!

ShubaaAnderson Junior College

Since JC1, I have been constantly achieving either a ‘S’ or ‘U’ grade for Economics. Despite an ‘E’ during my promotional examination, I still felt discouraged whenever I studied Economics.

However, when I entered EconsLab to be taught by Ms Foo, I began to learn Economics concepts at a much more interesting and easier level. It is definitely unlike the boring lectures we had in school. Moreover, apart from all the theoretical knowledge which we could derive from the textbook or lecture notes, Ms Foo also provided us with articles and many other relevant notes to aid us in learning Economics in the real world.

Although Economics may seem to be a difficult subject for me, the constant encouragement from Ms Foo had undoubtedly driven me to continue studying hard for it. I am very sure that many of the students who learnt under Ms Foo benefited from her great pool of knowledge as well as application of Economics terms in examinations.

Thank you, Ms Foo, for all your guidance and patience!

Lim Wei ChengAnderson Junior College

I entered EconsLab after doing badly in Economics for my Year 1 Promotional Exam. Before I was being taught by Ms Foo, I found Economics a very difficult subject to excel in, because one not only needs to be well versed with Economics theories, but it also requires a lot of critical thinking and good time management. It was upon desperation that I decided to seek help from Ms Foo.

Ms Foo has the necessary command over the subject matter she teaches. Ms Foo is equipped with answers of any possible questions that may crop up during lesson time. I can still remember vividly the times where I would pose endless questions during lessons, and being a good communicator, Ms Foo is very comfortable in explaining things and enjoys doing so. We were given a lot of choices in our assignment, lessons were very flexible and interactive as we were encouraged to respond and speak up in class.

Ms Foo trained us to be on-the-spot thinkers. Ms Foo even welcomed additional work like essays from her students, so that she could mark and give very helpful and constructive comments which also helped in improving my understanding of the subject.

With a cheerful, responsible and motivating tutor like Ms Foo, I overcame the fear of the subject and eventually achieved an A in ‘A’ Levels Exam 2010! I entered EconsLab utterly confused and came out enlightened.

Adelyn Lim Hui ShanAnderson Junior College

I remember clearly that my grade for the first Economics test I had in school was a U; thereafter I hated this new subject in JC and had the impression that “I’m just not an Econs person”.

Sometime around September/October 2009, as my mother was worried for my final year promotional examination, she enrolled me in Ms Foo’s Econs tuition and told Ms Foo to help me attain at least a pass by the end of JC 1 – and I did.

I also remember clearly that I always looked forward to Ms Foo’s tuition, and this was something unusual for me as I always hated the ideal of having to attend extra lessons outside school. I believe it was because Ms Foo was (and still is) very cheerful and encouraging; she always told me to never give up on Econs, and I’ll definitely see an A for Econs on my result slip – true enough, she did not lie!

Her vast knowledge in Econs concepts and professional experience in her teaching methodology are undoubtable. It amazes me how she is able to readily explain so many of the confusing Econs concepts so clearly and make them more comprehensive for her students. Personally, I also admire her patience in teaching her students, especially me, since I used to ask her so many silly questions and made her repeat herself a thousand times!

Besides being a teacher, I somehow felt that Ms Foo was also a friend to me. I could tell her everything that happened in school on that day – complain to her about the teachers in school, I rant about how boring Biology lesson was and also my most common complaint-of-the-day: how tired I was! I appreciate how thoughtful Ms Foo was (and still is) as she always told her students to grab a drink from her mini-fridge to refresh themselves before her lesson. She also never fails to make her lessons interactive and interesting to engage her students despite herself being drained from endless back-to-back tuition classes (especially during the peak exam period).

Honestly, Ms Foo was (and still is) the best tuition teacher I’ve ever had! I believe many of her students will agree with me. Not only does she present herself as a professional, approachable and caring teacher, her constant reminders for students to “revise, revise and revise” as well as text messages to express her well wishes and pre-exam reminders really did show her determination and passion to help every student attain an A for Econs, even for other subjects as well.

I believe Ms Foo will continue to be a awesome teacher and friend to her current and future students, for she has successfully triggered my interest in Econs and led me to pursue an Econs-related course in the University.

All the best Ms Foo!

Cheo Jia YingSaint Andrew's Junior College

Economics was an entirely new subject for me in JC and even though the concepts appeared easy to understand initially, my results for Economics never seemed to reflect likewise. My grades shifted between the E, S, U range with little improvement. Similarly, my interest in Economics also dwindled.

I joined EconsLab about 2 weeks before my JC1 Promotional Exam (2009) and despite the short period, my grade improved from the previous U to an E. Ms Foo’s tips and teaching also enlightened me to the links between the economics concepts, simultaneously seeing both the big and small pictures. Her teaching style also encouraged me to think and explain the answers on my own rather than being spoon-fed. This style of teaching is especially useful as it is similar to an exam setting where we would have to brainstorm and explain our points in a limited period of time. It also motivated me to revise more thoroughly and know my concepts sufficiently to enhance the fruitfulness of each lesson.

With the tuition at EconsLab, my detest for Economics was transformed to an interest. The numerous references made to current economic news during lessons allowed me to realise the importance of Economics and its applicability to life. As such, Ms Foo has not only imparted to me the necessary Economics knowledge but also, a more in-depth understanding of how the world’s economy functions.

With the availability of crash courses, comprehensive notes and Ms Foo’s detailed explanation, EconsLab certainly provides a very wholesome education in Economics. Through the span of the JC2 year, my Economics grade climbed from an E to a C, and eventually an A at the GCE A Levels! EconsLab has not only enabled me to excel in the subject but also developed in me, a strong interest in Economics. Lessons at EconsLab were always insightful and interactive which transformed this apparently “dry” subject to something fun-filled and interesting.

I have always enjoyed the tuition sessions at EconsLab with Ms Foo’s fun and interactive approach to teaching! I am certain that with her professionalism and versatility, Ms Foo would be able to continue to discover teaching styles that are appropriate and useful for all students!

Diane OngAnglo-Chinese Junior College

I have chosen Economics as my H1 contrasting subject. To begin with, since J1 till the day I joined Ms Foo’s tuition, my grades were either S or U. Frankly speaking, to me, Economics is a difficult subject to grasp.

I began to understand the subject better with Ms Foo’s guidance. Even though I always failed to attain even a D grade for my school’s Economics exams, Ms Foo’s encouragement and patience had brought me through the tough period. I got an E grade for prelims. Nevertheless, Ms Foo has never given up on me.

I am proud to say that I got B for Economics in the A Level Exam 2010! Though it may not seem wow to most, it was already a great achievement for me. I want to thank Ms Foo for all her hard work and strong belief in me that I can do it.

Thank you Ms Foo!

Sherlyn SeahTemasek Junior College

When I first sought Ms Foo’s help, I was scoring Es consistently – I was insecure, jaded and held a firm dislike for the subject matter. Ms Foo distilled key principles and presented them as clear logical descriptions of human behaviour, and trained me to think fast and argue convincingly when dealing with Economics questions.

Ms Foo was spot-on in her understanding that doing well in the A’s is a combination of accuracy of instinct and clarity of expression. I am thankful for studying under Ms Foo and am grateful to her for helping me score an A for Economics!

Rachel OngVictoria Junior College

I decided to attend Economics tuition last June to prepare for my Common Test as I did not understand some of the content taught in school. During lessons, Ms Foo always ensures that every single one of us fully comprehends what she has taught before moving on to teach new content. Though it can be exasperating to repeat something again and again, she never finds it so and gladly explains to us again if we did not grasp it the first time.

She also always brings in real world examples to complement the content that she is teaching, which can be used in essays and case studies as well. Even though she only has short intervals between lessons due to her packed class schedule, she is still willing to answer and clarify my doubts on the things she had just taught. Overall, her modus operandi in teaching creates a warm and light-hearted atmosphere that allows her lessons to be more engaging.

Chen Qin TingDunman High School

Hello Ms Foo!

First of all, I would like to Thank You for all the encouragement and support that you have given me, especially during the ‘A’ level period! Without your guidance, I might not have been able to jump from borderline passes in school exams to an A grade in the ‘A’ levels, so THANK YOU!

During the course of almost 2 years being taught Economics by you, I have learnt to really Love the subject! Lessons were enjoyable as I felt at ease to share my opinions, and listen to other students’ opinions, resulting in very interactive, and informative sessions! Your teaching methodology, together with the self-prepared notes and newspaper articles made learning Economics so much easier as I understood the concepts clearly from your lessons, and it was interesting to see how the concepts were applied to real world situations through the newspaper articles.

Most important, your patience and sincere belief in my ability led me to do well, and I am very grateful to have such a wonderful teacher like you!

Keep in touch!

Chermaine ChioNanyang Junior College

Ms Foo is a devoted teacher who is very passionate in teaching Economics. I joined her tuition class before JC2 Mid Year Exam as I was unable to grasp all the Economics concepts and apply them in the exams. After attending her lessons, I learnt how to make linkages in my essays in order to obtain higher marks. I also became more interested in studying Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo, for all the time and effort you spent in helping me improve on my understanding in Economics and getting a B in the A Levels!

Ong Yi LinMeridian Junior College

Ms Foo is a very dedicated Economics teacher. I joined her lessons in early 2011 because I was doing badly in Economics (U for March Block Test).

Ms Foo made me understand that Economics is actually fun and interesting to learn. She gave real life examples through newspaper articles. She also gave clear explanations to challenging concepts in Macro and Microeconomics.

I am grateful to Ms Foo for all her help in Economics which I eventually scored an A in the A Levels exam!

Lynn TanMeridian Junior College

Every story has a beginning, a conflict, and a resolution. My story began with taking up Economics as a subject; The conflict arose when as a JC1 student, I simply could not fathom the workings of Economics as a subject, culminating in a ‘U’ grade for Common Test. Fortunately, there was a resolution to the conflict – EconsLab.

EconsLab has really lived up to its name as ‘EconsLab’ and delivered on its promise of ‘Excelling Economics’. A laboratory is a place where one experiments, tumbles, questions, and most importantly – learn. With Ms Foo around, the Economics journey has certainly been a journey of learning. Every class provides a sharper and clearer picture of Economics and its concepts as Ms Foo exposes us to a broad spectrum of questions and detailed clear explanation of topics, which are complemented with her own personal notes.

Previously, I never understood how each discrete aspect of Economics worked or how they linked up to each other; However, after tuition, I have a big picture idea of how they are connected and how they can be applied in real life.

Within a short span of a few months, the conflicts of my story were resolved, jumping five grades to a C, with one of my essays scoring an A!

This certainly would not have been possible without Ms Foo and her fun, dynamic lessons which I always look forward to!

Lim W.Raffles Institution

I joined Ms Foo in October 2011 after scoring an S for my Prelims. Being a kiasu Singaporean, I attended both her individual and group tuition classes. Ms Foo approaches both of them differently, and is always willing to cater to the needs of her students. She is able to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of each student, enabling them to study more efficiently. I managed to clinch a B in A Levels!

She is always open to ideas from her students and gives them the freedom to decide on what they want to do during lessons. This flexibility makes it a lot easier for students to have a more focused discussion and helps them cope with their tight schedules.

An apt analogy to describe Ms Foo would be to compare her to a song on the radio being put on replay. She repeats her points often to make sure that her students remember to make a conscious effort to put their knowledge to good use. She even labels herself as being “naggy”! Personally, I feel that this attribute is what makes her a good tutor. Before we know it, we know our content and techniques by heart as they are etched, subconsciously, into our minds. If she is a song on the radio, then the lyrics to the songs would be the content that we know by heart. This method of reiterating is certainly effective as students need lesser effort on their part to physically plough through all their notes to memorise the content. But this doesn’t make her students any lazier and more complacent than others!

Besides knowing the subject at her fingertips, she often provides recent examples, statistics and newspaper cuttings as aids to our learning.

This journey alongside Ms Foo was certainly a rewarding one which I believe that most Economics tutors in schools fail to provide adequately.

Sharlyn BaySaint Andrew's Junior College

Hello Ms Foo!

Thanks so much for teaching and coaching me in Economics for the past two years! I think all the question practices and your nagging helped me to get an A for A Levels! Your question drilling really helped! It made me brush up on my notes before going for class, so that I could make an effort to plan my essays with more solid facts.

And, I learnt additional stuff from you that my school didn’t teach/emphasize.

Although it has been a chore to run to Bugis every weekend, I believe that it has paid off. Getting an A is such a wonderful feeling, especially for a subject that I have slowly grown fond of.

Thanks so much for building up the love for Economics in me. And now, I may even consider studying Economics! Hope you’ll continue teaching passionately!

Genevieve OngTemasek Junior College

I started receiving tuition from Ms Foo at the start of my JC2 year. Scoring an S for the JC1 Promo Exams and having a percentile of 37% effectively caused alarm bells to ring. Upon the first tuition lesson, it became clear that Ms Foo was not only well-versed in the subject she teaches, but passionate about it too. Her enthusiasm made lessons enjoyable and many times, the two hours just seemed to fly away.

With her comprehensive notes, the subject became a lot less baffling. Most importantly, she taught me how to analyse the questions and answer them well. Under her guidance (and with the encouraging text messages she would send), my grades improved, scoring a C in the Prelim Exams with a percentile of 82%. Eventually, as Ms Foo had expected of me but never gave me undue pressure even, I scored an A in the A Levels.

On a more personal level, I found myself gaining interest in real-world applications of the various theories. This interest grew large enough to have me list Economics as one of my undergraduate degree choices. This is a definite testament of how infectious Ms Foo’s enthusiasm is.

I most certainly owe Ms Foo a large ‘Thank You!’ for all she has done. The words on the paper made sense to me as she taught me the language of Economics.

Cheryl Chui Li WenHwa Chong Institution

Ms Foo is a passionate, knowledgeable and interactive tutor. During lessons, she teaches us not only the content but also exam strategies. I particularly appreciate her ‘Timed Essay Planning’ technique which taught us to think of points quickly every lesson under time constraints, after which she would go through the question. Her ‘Invisible Component for 25-mark questions’ was also very useful although not explicitly taught in my school.

She also often prepares newspaper cuttings featuring current, relevant economic issues that we can include in our essays and patiently explains the important parts of the articles. She is also concerned with our academic and non-academic progress and is always glad to offer help. She will help us to view our tests or examination scripts, writing additional comments to ensure that we fully understand and not repeat our mistakes.

Despite doing badly in my H2 Economics Preliminary Examination, I managed to score the highly-coveted ‘A’ at the 2011 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. Thank you Ms Foo! :)

Tang Ya YunNanyang Junior College

It’s been a long time coming, but I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance and teaching during one of my most academically trying times. As is often said, the full impact of a teacher may not materialise in one’s lifetime alone. Hence, I cannot even begin to thank you for the help that you have rendered me, but I hope that the fact that I did well to score an A for Economics in my A levels in 2011 is a start. =)

As a teacher, you were very patient and understanding, trying your best to cater to the needs of individual students. I feel that the thing that helped me to learn the most was how interesting you made Economics seem. The countless news articles that you went through with us made me see the usefulness and practicality of the subject.

As a person, you are equally inspiring. Up till today, I am amazed at how fast you reply a text or email. It shows me just how passionate and dedicated you are to teaching. As a student, I aspire to learn not only what is being taught. I am inspired by the level of dedication that you show and aim to one day emulate that. Unfortunately, seeing how long it took to write this short passage, I haven’t been too successful. Nevertheless, your lessons are very memorable for me and I was glad to be able to attend them.

Gan Jun HerngRiver Valley High School

It has always been a pleasure to be taught by Ms Foo because of her undying patience to impart her Economics knowledge to us. :)

Her attentiveness towards us students especially in a small group setting makes us feel more comfortable to ask more intellectual (and sometimes lame) questions.

Thank you Ms Foo for your teaching and encouragement for the past two years! I got an A in the final exam! :)

Noreen NgHwa Chong Institution

Just wanted to express my thanks for guiding Benjamin in his Economics. In the short 6 months or so that he was with you, his results exceeded all our hopes.

We were very delighted when he got his results on 1 March 2013 – from having had his paper ungraded (U) to achieving an A – this was beyond all our expectations!

Thank you once again!

Mrs Veronica LimParent of Benjamin Lim

Before beginning my tuition lessons with Ms Foo, my Economics grades were consistently rather poor. While I did enjoy the subject itself, I never really managed to get my head around all the essays we had to write, and how we were supposed to write them. Coupled with being a rather slow writer, this result in my Economics Block Tests, Mid-years, End of Year Exams you name it, all almost consistently around an E grade (i.e. about a D after some moderation). In my JC2 Block Test, I literally did not do one of my essays (almost) due to a lack of time, which resulted in me getting a U for my Econs grade for that test. It was about then when we started looking for an Economics tutor. My mother happened to know a colleague whose child was also attending Economics tuition, and it was in that way that I was referred to Ms Foo for tuition.

I began my lessons with Ms Foo when the June holidays started, about two weeks in or so as I was busy for the first two. I carried on with the tuition until about the week before the final Economics paper during my A Levels. When teaching, Ms Foo was always interesting and engaging, and would always ensure that her students had 100% understanding of what was taught, specially taking out time to help those who had not understood or acquired the necessary essay skills. If any of her students had forgotten certain concepts or facts, she would make sure to go through it with them, to ensure they remembered it.

During this period of time, I found myself learning and understanding how everything linked together, and also how the flow of an Economics essay should be like. Consequently, I saw a similar improvement in my grades, eventually getting a C for my Prelims results. With some more effort, and assistance from Ms Foo’s tuition lessons, I managed to get my A for the A Levels! All in all, Ms Foo is a competent and engaging teacher, with plenty of patience to spare for the weaker students. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for Economics tuition to her.

Thank you Ms Foo!

Benjamin Michael Lim Wen ShihHwa Chong Institution

I first decided to join Ms Foo’s Economics tuition at the start of JC1 just to get myself more familiar with the new subject. From then on, I have gained so much more and I am glad that I have made the right decision.

Ms Foo has great knowledge and insight in the discipline of Economics which makes her very resourceful. She is a dedicated and caring teacher who believes in all her students. Her valuable guidance has helped develop my interest in Economics and cultivate deep critical thinking skills to push further.

Ms Foo’s self-crafted notes helped simplify difficult concepts and deepen our understanding as well as clear up any misconception or doubts that we might be facing in school. Also, Ms Foo goes the extra mile to teach us beyond the curriculum for us to see the bigger picture of things. She constantly prompted us to think further which enabled us to improve our evaluation skills and craft well-reasoned arguments from different perspectives. From then on, I found that my essays have greater scope and depth which brought them to a higher level and helped differentiate them from the rest.

I appreciate the sense of humor Ms Foo has to lighten the mood of the classes, making them interactive and engaging. She shows great passion in teaching and is very supportive.

Thank you Ms Foo for all your hard work and patience, during my course of learning so that I could do well in A Levels to clinch an A grade in Economics.

Amanda LeeAnderson Junior College

Before taking up tuition with Ms Foo, my Economics grade had always been alternating between ‘S’ and ‘E’ despite the fact that I felt I could understand the concepts taught in class. As the preliminary examination was approaching, I finally decided to seek help, which was when I found EconsLab.

Ms Foo was quick to identify the lapses in links in my way of answering questions and focused her effort on ensuring I could really grasp the application of the various concepts to all types of questions. Every lesson we would go through a different set of questions and brainstorm through all the possible points. The mode of discussion required me to be able to verbalise my thoughts quickly, which certainly helped to tackle the problem of thinking under time constraints that so often accompany Economics papers. Ms Foo would patiently guide me through the logical sequence form cause to effect that ensures arriving at a complete answer efficiently. From her lessons, I was able to adapt to the Economics way of thinking and approach Economics questions with confidence.

When I received my A Levels results, I was happily surprised with an A grade for Economics. Thank you Ms Foo for all your help and guidance, and for showing me that Economics can be a very enjoyable subject too!

Susan QinRaffles Institution

I took my A Levels in 2015 and obained a D grade for my H2 Economics. Since my results could not get me into the course that I desired, I decided to retake my A Levels in 2016.

When I first started studying in late July for my A Levels in 2016, I realized that I had forgotten many, if not all, of the concepts. That was when I found EconsLab online and decided to seek help from Ms Foo. I opted for a one-to-one tuition with her as I felt that I needed more help.

Ms Foo is a very patient teacher who went through all the topics with me in detail. She ensured that I grasped the concepts well before trying questions. Furthermore, Ms Foo taught me the good techniques of writing good Economics essays and answering source-based questions. She has equipped me with the skills to tackle any questions without difficulties. Moreover, she would always bring in engaging methods to teach so that the lessons would not be boring. Nearing the A Levels exams (in October), she offered to give me extra lessons at no charge to ensure that I was fully prepared for the exams.

I have received my results this year and obtained a B grade. I am very grateful to Ms Foo and the unconditional help that she had given me. Thank you Ms Foo!

Valerie Chua Jin XiaPrivate Candidate

I remembered when I first started embarking on H2 Economics, I do not have any idea about the subject itself. During my mid-year examinations, I attained a U grade and decided to enrol myself in Economics tuition.

At the beginning, Ms Foo began to identify my mistakes through my exam scripts and gave me valuable feedback for areas of improvement. Subsequently, I began doing additional practices for CSQs and essays and Ms Foo always takes time and effort reviewing and giving quality feedbacks through her post-it notes.

Ms Foo’s lessons are always engaging as she would incorporate real-life events into her lessons that allows us to better relate to the subject. Before the start of every lesson, Ms Foo would help to clarify any concepts that we are unsure of before proceeding on. To boost the quality of our essays, Ms Foo provides us with Economics articles that are relevant and up-to-date. True enough, after attending Ms Foo’s lessons, my grades have slowly improved and eventually attained an A grade at my GCE A levels examination.

Thank you Ms Foo for always constantly encouraging me and taking time to review my essays to provide quality feedback. Thanks for also allowing me to better appreciate and being able to relate to this subject better.

David Lim Chee ChuanInnova Junior College

I joined Ms Foo;s H1 Economics tuition in August 2016 in JC2 after getting S for the mid-year examination. Although there wasn’t much time left till the A Levels, Ms Foo still tried her best to help us clear conceptual doubts by taking some time each lesson to clear our doubts.

At the time I joined, I had very weak exam skills and often unable to finish the paper on time. However, with Ms Foo’s training and awesome tips and tricks, I found myself spending less time reading the extracts and answering the questions more quickly and accurately!

Ms Foo’s explanations are always clear and easy to understand. She is also a patient and caring teacher who is dedicated in her teaching and hopes her student make the best out of her lessons. The notes that Ms Foo provides is also concise and makes it easy for quick recap before the exam.

I am really glad to join Ms Foo’s classes! I got an A grade for Economics! Thank you Ms Foo for your patience and guidance which made me enjoy going to your classes and to study Economics. Also, thank you for your encouragement which inspired me to work harder! Thank you for everything!

Wong Wan TingPioneer Junior College

I joined Ms Foo’s Economics tuition in August 2016 during my JC2 year. Since the start of JC, I barely passed all my Economics examinations, getting Ds and Es. With just a few months left to Prelims and A Levels, I turned to Ms Foo for help. With her patient guidance and charismatic teachings, I eventually got a C in Prelims and an A during the A Levels. Ms Foo’s classes are very interactive and she gives really insightful comments. Her explanations are also very clear. I never expect to get an A especially for Economics but I guess anything is possible with the right guidance. Thank you Ms Foo! :)

Jesher Chua Victoria Junior College

Before I entered EconsLab, I was a struggling Economics student. It seemed like a very difficult subject for me, as I struggled with Economics concepts and essay writings. My search for an Economics tutor led me to Ms Foo, and I most definitely did not regret my decision to sign up for her classes. Ms Foo’s patience and dedication in her teaching and her vast knowledge of the subject helped me to improve in Economics and gave me greater confidence in my own abilities.


Ms. Foo’s lessons have also helped me develop as a person and spurred my interest in Economics greatly. Economics no longer seemed so draggy to me and I worked hard for my Prelims and A Levels. Ms Foo’s lessons were definitely the turning point in my Economics journey, and I am grateful for her guidance throughout which got me an A grade for Economics in the A Levels exam!

Ishmael Nassier NicholasVictoria Junior College

Having started my first lesson on 1 August 2015, I’ve only attended Ms Foo’s Economics lessons for a mere 3 months before having to take my A Levels exams. And yet, in those few months, under Ms Foo’s guidance and tips on how to tackle Economics essays and CSQs, my Economics grade went from a U to an A! Ms Foo reinforced and revised concepts that I’ve learnt in school and provided additional Economics knowledge which boosted the content of my essays and CSQ answers.

Ms Foo’s lessons are easy to follow and interactive – making sure that students understood everything that was taught and was able to apply it in their answers and under exam conditions. Ms Foo is also very patient in teaching us and gave me a lot of help when I needed it.

Thank you Ms Foo for everything that you’ve done for us, from the weekly discussions of essay questions and CSQs to the invaluable feedback that you’ve given me for my practice essays, your teachings and encouragements have helped me scored an A grade in a subject that I’ve been constantly failing. Thank you for restoring my confidence in a subject that I never thought I could ever pass! :)

Jasmine KuahRiver Valley High School

Ms Foo is a dedicated and caring teacher. While marking the essays, Ms Foo often identifies our shortcomings and highlights them. Taking that into account, she reminds and teaches us how to prevent repeating the same mistakes. Her lessons are customized to meet the needs of various individuals and as such, her lessons are efficient.

In preparation for the A Levels exams, Ms Foo understood that time was pressed for us and sieved out case studies and questions that were relevant for the exams. Not only does this reduce the time needed to study Economics, it also ensured that we were able to answer similar questions during the exams. Lessons with Ms Foo are fruitful and engaging which scored me an A grade in the A Levels exam. Thank you!

Adeline AndikkoHwa Chong Institution

a. Extremely interesting :)

b. Not boring at all, unlike other tuition centres

I particularly enjoyed Ms Foo’s lessons as she made sure that all of us understood the Economic concepts well, and made us recall the concepts on the spot. There was also reinforced learning as you had to recall the points on the spot. In addition, her notes were short and concise, great for recaping and testing yourself.

Outside of lessons, she would also answer any questions that you have in regards to Economics concepts, so that you can be clear. During lessons, I liked that she was flexible and allowed us to challenge and pick different questions to practise. Thank you Ms Foo for helping me score an A grade for Economics! :)

Au Yeong Sok MunPioneer Junior College