Economics Tuition Reviews

Take a look at what Ms Foo’s students say after attending her individual, twin, small group or normal group tuition classes. Ms Foo treats her students’ feedback seriously as this helps to shed light on what Ms Foo should continue to do or improve on so that she could help her students.

Ms Foo is a very charismatic teacher who explains very clearly, making it easy to follow through all the economic concepts. She is also very hardworking by giving us valuable feedback of our submitted work, allowing us to learn from our mistakes.

Thank You for all the fun lessons!

Jesher ChuaVictoria Junior College

Lessons with Ms Foo have been fruitful and enjoyable. Under her, I have learnt how to analyse questions and provide the necessary conditions to answer the questions. I have learnt more about Economics as a subject that requires critical thinking and analysis and relevance to real issues as opposed to one that consisted of blindly memorizing notes.

Sarah TanPrivate Candidate

Ms Foo is very enthusiastic in her teaching and will always answer my questions every time I ask one. She never fails to be clear with her explanations and would always ensure that we understood her explanations before continuing on. Her feedback to my every points during discussions are very constructive, and would always encourage me to speak up even if I am not sure because she goes by the philosophy of ‘it is better to get it wrong here than in the exams’.

Thank You Ms Foo!

Mabel TeoCatholic Junior College

Despite the short time I spent with her, I think Ms Foo has really helped me a great deal in identifying my weakness in Economics and working with me to improve my ability to answer questions. I enjoyed the lessons with Ms Foo as she is a very approachable teacher. I can have free and easy discussions with her about my doubts in Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo for all your help!

Susan QinRaffles Institution

Hi Ms Foo,

Thank you for teaching me Economics for around half a year now! I really feel that my Economics has improved since I joined your tuition. From the first lesson, I felt that your lessons were at a comfortable pace and teaching is clear. You always make the effort to clear any of my doubts in Economics and give me confidence in the subject. Thanks to you that I am more ready to tackle the A Levels examination now!

Gan Jia LerkSaint Andrews Junior College

The lessons are well-explained and clear. It is very easy to understand and can clarify my doubts immediately. Although sometimes may go off-track, but it is still relevant to my studies.

Thank you for teaching me Ms Foo!

Li Huan KangVictoria Junior College

Ms Foo’s teaching methods surpass even my own teachers’ in SAJC. Giving us time to generate points force us to review whatever we have learnt and apply it in the given context. Her recommended time window for reading the case studies and questions helps me to finish my analysis quickly to tackle the questions as soon as possible.

Jed Reuben LimSaint Andrews Junior College

Ms Foo is a very friendly and understanding teacher who always does her best to help me with my Economics. Without her, I would not have noticed the flaws in my essay writings and concepts. She conducts the lesson in a warm, conducive and engaging manner that allows us to learn well. I also like her flexible way of conducting the lessons.

Thanks Ms Foo for enabling me to gain a better understanding of Economics!

Jerald TanVictoria Junior College

Ms Foo’s lessons are very engaging! I am able to learn a lot through the class discussions that we had. Ms Foo’s lessons also make us feel very welcome as she gives us ample opportunities to provide our inputs during the lesson. I feel I have grown a lot in my knowledge of Economics and Ms Foo has helped to fuel my interest for this subject.

Thanks very much for the great lessons Ms Foo!

IshmaelVictoria Junior College

Economics baffled me throughout my JC life. I could never wrap my head around how to score in exams and wasn’t even conceptually clear with all my content, leading to dismal results every exam time.

That I was able to improve is very much thanks to Ms Foo’s efforts. She was able to identify my weak areas, and week after week patiently answer my endless questions with clear explanations. She also always marked extra practices and went through them with me, helping me realize other areas I needed to work on. Most importantly, Ms Foo gave tips on answering both case studies and essay questions, and her techniques provided a very focused and structured way I could follow.

Above all, Ms Foo’s teaching is truly inspiring. Her passion for the subject is clear in the animated and engaging way she conducts her lessons, which made the subject less dreary. Her willingness to answer questions via Whatsapp 24/7, and her long text messages of encouragement prior to exams, show just how caring and dedicated she is to her students.

Regardless of my As result, thank you so much for all your guidance Ms Foo! May you keep enlightening other students grappling with this subject. :)

Yeong Qian HuiHwa Chong Institution

Hello Ms Foo,

Thank you for teaching me and being patient with me. I joined EconsLab without much knowledge and skills for Economics but you slowly taught me skills and answering techniques, and I feel that I have improved a lot under your guidance. Lessons with you was always engaging and it really helped me in my learning and understanding of the topic better. Although there are areas where we are weak in, you never gave up on us and instead spurred us on and give us comments on how we could better improve our answers. It has been a great joy and pleasure to have been under your guidance.

Thank you very much!

Yong Hui YiYishun Junior College

Going for Ms Foo’s tuition was like a place for me to reinforce my learning, put my Economics skills into practice and also learn new skills so as to better prepare myself for the upcoming examinations! :) Ms Foo makes us think on the spot whenever we are answering her questions, allowing us to simulate exam conditions where we also have to read the question, refer to the case and also think on the spot to craft our answers! :) In addition to that, going for Ms Foo’s tuition allowed me to gain more knowledge on Economic terms that were not taught in school. She also further prepares us, by giving us concise notes for us to refresh our memory and revise.

Ms Foo is also a very caring teacher, whenever she sees that we are all very tired, she tries to lighten up the mood or wakes us up by telling jokes or sharing personal stories! :) These jokes never fail to make me laugh. :)

Au Yeong Sok MunPioneer Junior College

Ms Foo is a really caring and bubbly teacher who tries her best to make the lesson as enjoyable as possible. She constantly brings in real life examples to illustrate certain Economic concepts, which makes it feel more interesting than just reading it off the notes. I personally feel that I’ve learnt much more under Ms Foo’s guidance than the two year’s of teaching in my school and I am really thankful that I have been taught by her. I hope that I’ll be able to do Ms Foo proud in my upcoming A Levels examination! :)

Geraldine NgAnglo Chinese Junior College

Ms Foo is a patient tutor who is willing to go through the extra miles to make sure that we get the concepts right. She will make sure everyone is clear of the question or topic before moving on. She is also very meticulous in a sense that she cares a lot about her students’ welfare. Ms Foo is a very motivating tutor who always encourage her students. I’ve learnt a lot from her.

Valerie ChuaPrivate Candidate

Ms Foo’s explanation is short and clear. She is willing to help me anytime as long as she is free. She is a very nice and kind teacher. She doesn’t mind repeating the same concept for me regardless how many times I asked. She tries to make herself free to help me out. It would be more beneficial for a student who is well prepared for content to attend her lesson.Thankful to have met her and being taught by her. I hope I do not disappoint her.

JenniferInnova Junior College